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Drum Washing Machine Computer Board

Item No.: EG07
Our continuous innovation and improvement in the manufacturing process ensures that your washing machine user's usability is greatly improved with an attractive selection of washing programs to meet all user requirements.
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Drum washing machine computer board Introduction 
When it comes to drum washing machines, the drum washing machine computer board is the central part that controls all the actuators and sensors in the appliance, and every stage has to be perfect if you want to make a difference in quality. Elecontro® is constantly striving for perfect design, high quality user experience, integrated supply chain system, lean manufacturing and customer focus. We persistently create high-quality and affordable products, so that people around the world can enjoy a happy and beautiful life through innovative technology.
The drum washing machine computer board has a variety of washing programs to choose from
We use far more different clothes, different types of fabrics, and often mixed materials than ever before. Therefore, choosing the right program is also more difficult. In order to meet the laundry needs of different users, the computer board of the drum washing machine has specially designed a variety of washing programs, and you can choose the corresponding program according to the needs of different types of clothes and fabrics, so that you can easily make the correct choice. This product has standard, quick wash, chemical fiber, denim, silk, underwear, wool, stains, single dehydration, rinse plus dehydration, single wash, tub clean, night wash, summer wash, colored wash, baby wash and other programs available. Make your washing more convenient and faster.

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