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Built-in Oven Controller

EB10 Built-in Oven Electronic Board

Item No.: EB10
*Multifunctional choice, More than 30 recipes
*Full touching control, fashionable
*Hidden glass panel, simple and high-end

Elecontro® Built-in Oven Electronic Board

♦ Multifunctional choice, More than 20 recipes
♦ Automatic warm-up, display real-time temperature
♦ Full touching control, fashionable
♦ Fully hidden display design, full of sense of technology
♦ Intelligent control: automatic delay shutdown, clock display, timing reminder, reservation function, and automatic sleep screensaver function


Our Elecontro® Built-in Oven Electronic Board Function Instruction

♦ Full touching control
♦ Accurate temperature control 5℃
♦ Eight buttons, easy operation and good experience

♦ Furnace light independent control (fan control optional)

♦ 10A relay, heating tube independent control

♦ LED display
♦ A variety of recipes can be chosen, to respond to different recipes, users are free to choose
♦ Power input: 65V~240V,50HZ~60HZ optional

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