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Automatic Washing Machine Computer Board

Item No.: EQ02
This product is used in washing machines, with a user-friendly interface and a variety of applications to choose from to meet all your requirements. Provide ODM and OEM service.
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Basic Functions of Automatic Washing Machine Computer Board
This product is a fully automatic top loading washing machine computer control board. It is common for different capacities of 6.5KG-10KG, and there are standare,powerful, quick wash,large article, water-saving function, self-cleaner function, etc.Available for fuzzy water level judgment, electronic water level sensor, reservation function,soaking function, Dehydration function.
Rated spin-dry power:300W Rated washing power:400W
Automatic Washing Machine Computer Board Introduction
Elecontro® specializes in the development and manufacture of electronic controls for home appliances. We provide fully automatic washing machine computer boards with extreme design quality and perfect user experience. The computer board for the fully automatic washing machine is lean manufactured by our professional team. Our company ensures the timely delivery of these products to our customers, through which we have achieved great success in the market.

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