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Automatic Drum Washing Machine Computer Control Panel

Item No.: EG05
This product has program options such as inch full touch screen, washing and drying, upper drainage, power key, water level selector, adjustment of rotational speed, bed sheet, self-clean, soaking, no ironing, intelligent reservation etc.
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Automatic Drum Washing Machine Computer Control Panel Function
1. Upper drainage function:Choose multiple drainage locations, no need for drainage pumps, saving resources
2. Display mode: Inch full touch screen,LCD digital color screen display, which can more intuitively observe the work progress
3. Washing and drying:Complete the washing and drying of clothes at one time, and wear immediately after washing, which reduces time and steps and is convenient and quick.
4. Electronic water level sensor function: the water pressure changes the air pressure, and through the detection of the air pressure sensor, it is fed back to the computer program controller to measure the water level
5. Adjustment of rotational speed: The user can adjust the dehydration speed, which is convenient and quick
6. Intelligent reservation function: Reservation start-up and washing program function, which can conveniently realize the machine's on-off control and washing program control. and save energy
7. Clothes can be added while working

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