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13 key air fryer control board

Item No.: TE-01-179
The air fryer control panel has 13-key digital touch, 8 preset menus, and easy operation. Display automatic preheating, intelligent experience, precise temperature control +-5℃.
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Our 13 key air fryer control board function

♦ Intelligent touch control panel operation, 8 preset menus, easy to operate
♦ Adjustable temperature control, standard temperature control timing, precise control +-5℃
♦ 30-minute timer; the integrated timer can set the cooking time to 30 minutes and automatically shut down the function
♦ The programmable temperature control range is 40 ~ 200℃
♦ After cooking, it will automatically shut down and prepare signal


Our Air fryer control board versatility

One-touch menu pre-sets provide a variety of cooking methods: Toast bread, air fry, re-heat, bake, rotisserie, dehydrate, roast, broil, bagel, pizza, slow cook, keep warm.360℃ high speed cycle,The air in the pot is heated rapidly by means of heating devices at the top and bottom.Under the action of the high-power fan, the air inside the pot circulates rapidly.Quickly heat and embrittlement food to make a variety of healthy and delicious food without the need for oil


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