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What are the Benefits of Choosing a Kitchen Appliance Controller Made by elecontro®?

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Author : elecontro
Update time : 2022-06-28 11:25:24

The company has won the "National High-tech Enterprise" certification. The core team is composed of professionals with more than 10 years of experience in the home appliance controller industry. With strong research and development strength and timely after-sales service, it is an ideal choice for home appliance manufacturers to choose supporting suppliers.
At present, the company's products have covered:
Oven timer, embedded oven controller, mini oven controller, smoke stove steaming and baking integrated control panel, steaming and baking integrated controller, disinfection cabinet controller, range hood controller, dishwasher controller, and other product fields.
The controller and timer products developed by our company have withstood the strict test of the market, and have been favored by foreign customers for many years. The products are exported to Turkey, Germany and the United States, and are matched with the built-in ovens of world-renowned brands.
The product variety is rich and the design style is beautiful, which can meet the basic needs of customers. The company can tailor the latest products according to the specific needs of customers, and serve customers wholeheartedly to expand the market.
All products of our company use genuine high-quality components, the quality is stable and reliable, and we will never cut corners. Among them, foreign trade export products have passed the EU CE and ROHS certifications across the board.

The company has imported high-speed automatic placement machine, wave soldering, high pressure tester, high and low temperature tester and other professional equipment. Our company has the following advantages.
1. Reduce the investment of enterprises in financial and human resources, and increase the return on capital operation
2. Enterprises focus on core technology, business and high value-added business
3. Risk reduction/mitigation
4. Multiple challenges and comprehensive solutions, elecontro® has more experience and capabilities in the manufacturing process
5. High-quality, high-performance and most sophisticated products improve your productivity
6. Broader and more global supply chains
Our goal is simple. We hope to bring high-quality products to our customers to the greatest extent possible through our advanced high-precision fully automated manufacturing equipment, and strive to maximize the benefits of our customers, allowing them more time to focus on bringing value, innovating and helping them sell better The core activity of the product. elecontro® sincerely looks forward to your visit, guidance and cooperation.

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