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What are some categories of FPC circuit boards

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Update time : 2020-07-21 14:23:40
  • 1. FPC board with single-layer soft board structure
    The flexible plate of this structure is the simplest one.This is usually the base material + transparent adhesive + copper foil is a set of purchased raw materials, of course, the protective film + transparent adhesive is another purchased raw materials.First of all, the material copper foil to be etched and other processes to get the needed circuit, to achieve the protective film to be drilled to expose the corresponding pads.After cleaning, roll the two together.Then in the exposed part of the welding plate electric gold or tin for protection.So the big board is ready.Generally also stamping into the corresponding shape of the small circuit board.There is no protective film and directly on the copper foil printing welding layer, so the cost will be lower, but the mechanical strength of the circuit board will become poor.Unless the strength requirements are not high but the price needs to be as low as possible, it is best to apply the protective film method.

    2. Double layer soft plate structure

    FPC double layer soft board structure: when the circuit line is too complex, single layer board cannot be wired, or copper foil is needed for grounding shielding, double layer board or even multi-layer board is needed.The most typical difference between laminates and monolayers is the addition of a perforated structure to connect the layers of copper foil.The first processing technology of general base material + transparent adhesive + copper foil is to make through hole.First drill holes in the base material and copper foil, after cleaning with a certain thickness of copper plating, through the hole is done.The process is almost the same as that of a single-layer board.

    3. Double-faced soft plate structure

    FPC double-sided soft plate structure: the two sides of the double panel have pads, mainly used to connect with other circuit boards.Although its structure is similar to that of a single layer board, the fabrication process is quite different.Its raw material is copper foil, protective film + transparent glue.First, drill holes in the protective film according to the position of the welding plate, and then paste the copper foil, corrode out the welding plate and lead, and then paste another protective film drilled well.

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