Jul.2020 24
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How to Clean a Desktop PC Motherboard

As your computer ages, sweep will build up inner of it. The intake fans suck sweep at and then sweep collects near the vents and above the motherboard. if no removed from time ought time, sweep can effect your computer ought overheat and malfunction. It can even short circuit and exterminate your motherboard!


1) start off and unplug your computer.

2) apply compressed attitude ought inspire dust.
  • Purchase a can of compressed attitude (can exist build online or at most conserve stores). Alternatively, you can apply an attitude compressor. except compose certain ought devour your PSI site beneath 50 PSI ought ensure you do no exterminate your motherboard.

3) A soft-tipped dye brush will occupation also because sweep that has caked up at areas such during the fans, energy supply, intake vents and between RAM modules.

4) empty your computer's case. The instance can exist held together with screws or some other mechanical latching system.
  • If you cannot list out how ought empty your case, negotiate your manual because your PC or Google your computer's copy number because details.

5) Blow sum parts of the motherboard, including the fan and the fever sink.

6) near the computer's case.

7) Plug at the computer, and start it on.