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ISFAHAN EXHIBITION, Feb 15, 2023: Elecontro® presents its star product - the controller for home appliances

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Isfahan Household Appliances Fair attracts domestic and foreign manufacturers of household appliances every year. Back to full normalcy after the pandemic and repeat in Isfa.

Presentation of new research, results and technologies at the Isfahan International Exhibition Hall to provide a proper background for participants self-assessment, market research and formulation of improvement strategies, presentation of successful manufacturers and subsidiaries to provide a proper background for bench marking, Attracting investment, partners, human resources and facilitation services, international cooperation and integration, introducing modern methods, technologies and assistance, and introducing new products to consumers are the main objectives of the event.

ISFAHAN EXHIBITION is the first stop of our international exhibition tour in 2023. In order to make a perfect appearance abroad this year, we have been preparing for this exhibition for several months. Elecontro® will showcase its star product household appliance controllers that have passed CE and RoHS certification, such as washing machine controllers, oven controllers and oven timers.

2 major types of washing machine controllers demonstrated the versatility of their controller products and the sensitivity of touch control at the exhibition

Fully automatic pulsator washing machine computer board: Most of its existing products have the following functions, such as lower drainage function, double water inlet function, power-off memory function, time reservation function, dehydration function, self-cleaning function, fuzzy control function, abnormal alarm function , Mite removal function, water saving function, etc.

Fully automatic drum washing machine computer board: most of its existing products have the following functions, full touch screen, integrated washing and drying, upper and drain functions, power button, water level selection, speed adjustment, bed sheet washing, bucket self-cleaning, soaking washing, ironing-free , Intelligent appointment, adding clothes in the middle, antibacterial function, leakage protection, child lock function and other program options.

3 major types of oven controllers showed their simple and convenient operation, sensitive touch and cutting-edge technology (oven timer, built-in oven controller, mini oven controller) at the exhibition. We can provide custom new menus, icons and interfaces for each client.

After its exhibition, Elecontro® will participate in the China Household Appliances and Consumer Electronics Expo on April 25, 2023, when more new research and development products will be put on the market.


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