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How to repair the range hood controller?

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Update time : 2022-01-20 16:22:01

The range hood controller is the most easily damaged small part in the range hood. In many cases, the range hood cannot operate normally due to the damage of the range hood controller. Then buy a new range hood and come and learn to repair the range hood control with me. device method.
1. Check whether the installation height of the range hood controller is too high, and adjust the distance between it and the cooker appropriately. If the direction of the smoke outlet is not selected correctly, there is a foreign object in front of it; the installation position must be changed to avoid obstacles. There is air leakage at the interface of the exhaust pipe; the interface must be sealed.
It may be that the impeller of the range hood controller is not installed properly. If the noise caused by the improper installation, just reinstall the impeller. There may also be foreign objects entering the air duct. If so, remove the foreign objects to ensure that the air duct of the range hood controller is clean.
2. Due to loose fixing screws, such as motor end cover screws, impeller center shaft fastening rivets, etc., the loose part of the range hood controller should be found, and the screws should be tightened or reinstalled; if the range hood controller is not installed horizontally to cause vibration, It is necessary to level and fasten the hood; the impeller of the range hood controller is not installed properly or the impeller is deformed and damaged, loses its balance and causes vibration, and the impeller needs to be re-adjusted and installed.
3. The hood controller has not been cleaned for a long time, resulting in too much dirty oil in the oil box. It should be cleaned regularly; the hood body has oil leakage, the oil filter is too dirty, the hood filter and the whole machine It should be cleaned regularly.
4. Due to power supply problems, the power supply of the range hood controller is not plugged in or out of power, plug in the power supply or wait for an incoming call; the plug and socket are in poor contact, check the plug, socket or replace it; the fuse on the power board is broken; the fuse must be replaced . Due to circuit problems, the switch of the range hood is in poor contact or damaged. It is necessary to overhaul and replace the electrical connecting wires or terminals in the electronic switch that are loose or fall off. You can find the point of falling off and reconnect and tighten it. If the power cord is disconnected or the interface is loose, replace the power cord or connect the interface.
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