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How to Remove the Control Board from the Built-in Oven?

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Update time : 2022-05-10 11:39:23

Most homes these days have a built-in oven, but when something goes wrong with your oven and the control board is removed for inspection (have done some troubleshooting and determined that the electronic control board needs to be replaced or repaired), then the removal is became a problem. Then you may need to call an appliance technician to remove it for you, so this article will show you how to remove the built-in oven control board so everyone can do it themselves and save money.

1. Power off the device
Since you will be exposing wiring connections that may be up to 240VAC, the oven's circuit breaker needs to be turned off to avoid any tragedy.
2. Open the door and remove the mounting screws (this requires a screwdriver or electric drill)
Typically, built-in ovens have two screws on each side to attach them to cutouts in the wall. These wood screws may be tight - you may need a power drill to remove them. Make sure not to strip the screw heads during this process.
3. Slide the unit off the wall
Grab the oven tray and swing it out of the wall. You just move it out a few inches until you can see the screw heads on the exterior trim.
4. Remove side trim and panel screws
Remove the screws and remove the exterior trim. There may also be some screws on the bottom of the control panel - remove those as well.
5. Record the wiring
After removing the outer panel, you will typically see the control panel mounted on the back of the glass panel. There will be a lot of wiring on the board to connect to the equipment, so we strongly recommend that you document all connections to ensure the board is properly installed after repairs. Some good methods include:
♦ Take pictures of the circuit board and connecting wires
♦ Label each wire with a piece of tape and its own number/letter
♦ Draw a diagram of the direction of each wire

6. Disconnect wiring and remove control board from panel
Pull the connecting wires away from the terminals on the circuit board. Sometimes the wire connector can be plugged in too tightly. Consider using needle nose pliers to grab the spade terminal on the end of the cable. Alternatively, you can use a small flat-blade screwdriver to pry the connection wires off the board.
Some cables have a clip on the insert. At this time, you need to press the clip lightly, and then pull the cable out of the circuit board. It is necessary to avoid bending the connecting wire during the extraction process.

7. Remove the control board from the panel
Generally, the control board will be installed on the back of the panel by means of screws or snaps. At this time, you need to use a screwdriver to unscrew the screws or press the snaps to remove the control board.
8. Pack and ship the controller for repair
The components of these controllers need to be prevented from static electricity, so they need to be wrapped in an electrostatic bag during packaging, placed in a box, and filled with fillers (foam, sponge, newspaper, etc.) around the electrostatic bag to prevent transportation during transportation. impact in.
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