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How do I use a knob mode multi-functional oven controller

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Update time : 2020-11-18 14:08:31
  • Basic Parameter
Product Name Oven Controller Model OM22
Voltage Range AV65~265V Frequency 50~60HZ
Control Way Knob Mode Max. input power 2500W
  • Controller Function
Display Content
a) Content as below: (upper pipe icon, lower pipe icon, upper pipe+ turning fork icon, furnace lamp icon, fan icon, cooking icon, preheating icon, temperature display, time display, two temperature unit, time unit)
Software Function
a.Starting up: After the power is on, the buzzer keeps ringing for 1s, and the screen is all lit up for 1s, darkening for 0.5s, then entering into set interface.
b.Setting upper pipe temperature mode: the user opens the oven and clicks cancellation to enter into “setting upper temperature interface”, at this time, it is in the mode of setting upper pipe temperature , only the digital of upper pipe flickers and others don’t flicker. The temperature unit of upper and lower pipe lights up, and the temperature of upper and lower pipe will be 180℃ by default. The user adjusts the knob, and makes positive rotation 1 grid(a grid of 15° corresponds to an impulse signal), then temperature will be +5℃. Reversing 1 grid, the temperature will be -5℃ and temperature range will be in 40℃~230℃.
c.Preheating mode: after the user finishes adjusting for upper and lower temperature, clicking to “OK/START” button, entering into “preheating mode”. At this time, preheating icon lights up for long time, temperature digital of upper pipe displays the lowest set temperature of upper and lower pipe,  temperature digital of lower pipe displays actual measured temperature of the oven, upper and lower pipe icon don’t display, but upper and lower pipe temperature displays.

d.Set time mode: after entering into “set time mode”, only time digital and flickers, time icon lights up, and the default time is 30 minutes, display 0:30. Adjusting the knob, positive rotation 1 grid will add 1 minute. Reversing 1 grid will reduce 1 minute. Time range is 120 minutes, display 2:00 
Starting up: After the user sets the finished time, clicking “OK/START” button to start up the oven. At this time, the cooking icon will light up for long time. Lower pipe icon, lower temperature digital , lower pipe temperature unit and time digital, time icon lights up in turn (The lower pipe temperature displays 2s, the time displays 3s, the cycle displays until time completes). After starting time ends, the buzzer makes 3 long sounds, each sound lasts 1.5s, stops 0.5s, cooking icon closes. At meantime, the oven enters into “ set upper pipe temperature mode”.
e.Pause:  During starting up process, the user clicks “OK/START” button, entering into “pause” status. At this time, cooking icon flickers
f.Exit: During starting up process, the user clicks “CANCEL” button, exiting “starting up” status. At this time, closing cooking icon and entering to “ setting upper temperature mode”.
g.Power saving mode: When the user chooses “set upper pipe temperature mode” or “set lower temperature mode”, the oven will enter into “power saving” status if no operation within 1 minute. 
h.Furnace lamp: when the user clicks “lamp” button, the furnace lamp icon lights up and starts for 30s, then closes it. After long pressing the “lamp” button for 0.8s, furnace lamp icon lights up and starts. 
i.Fan: when the user clicks “fan” button, fan icon lights up. If the oven is in “starting up” status, the fan will start up; If the oven is not in “starting up” status, the fan doesn’t start up. Attention:  The fan can start up in “pre-heating” mode, and the fan closes after 15s delay after starting.
g.Rotary: When the user clicks “rotate” button, rotary icon lights up. If the oven is in “starting up” status, the rotary starts up; If the oven is not in “starting up” status, the rotary doesn’t start up.  Attention: The rotary will not start up when the oven is in “preheating” mode.

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