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Home appliances "intelligent" is imperative

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Update time : 2022-10-13 17:59:14
For consumers, living in a smart and interconnected home is a happy thing, and smart home appliances are becoming more and more popular and more common. But the smart home appliance industry itself is facing increasing challenges in licensing Standard Essential Patents (SEPs). Also we at Elecontro® have been paying attention. In this context, Elecontro® is also actively contributing its own strength. As a professional supplier of smart kitchen appliances, Elecontro® has a strong R&D team, first-class production technology and high-quality quality, as well as favorable prices. . Recently, our company has invested a lot of time, energy and manpower in the direction of how to realize the intelligentization of kitchen appliances.

Beijing Intellectual Property Judicial Protection Research Association released a report - "Research Report on the Licensing Model of Wi-Fi Standard Essential Patents in Smart Home Appliances and IoT Industry" (hereinafter referred to as the "Report"). The traditional home appliance industry is in urgent need of the next round of technological upgrading, in which the interconnection between home appliances, the cloud and home appliances, especially wireless connection technologies, such as Wi-Fi technology, is widely used. It is undeniable that with the implementation of the Internet of Things, the scale of the smart home appliance industry has gradually increased in recent years, but as the concept of "smart" enters the home appliance industry, the patent licensing problem of Wi-Fi SEP has gradually emerged. According to the content of the "Report", the SEP license related to wireless communication technology is still relatively unfamiliar to the participants in the field of smart home appliances, especially the small and medium-sized enterprises, the high license fees and potential litigation risks of SEP patents.
"By increasing investment in information technology and automation, the home appliance industry has significantly improved the level of intelligent manufacturing. The application level of intelligent technology for household appliances is in the first camp in the world. The intelligent manufacturing has reached the world's advanced level. The world's first or leading technologies continue to emerge and realize marketization. ”, wireless communication technology is the basic technology of smart home appliances, thanks to the widespread popularity of WiFi technology in the field of personal computers and mobile phones, the current wireless communication technology used in smart home appliances is also the most widely used.
The latest embedded oven controller developed and manufactured by Elecontro® is equipped with a wifi module, which can realize remote connection with mobile phones and online control. Just prepare the ingredients and place them in the oven. Multi-functional menus - you can choose from a variety of recipes, even lying down. Cook food, allowing you to easily complete the cooking with one click.
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