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Factors to consider in PCB stack design

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Update time : 2021-06-18 10:29:17
The number of layers of the PCB depends on the complexity of the circuit board. From the perspective of the PCB processing process, a multi-layer PCB is manufactured by stacking and pressing multiple "dual-panel PCBs". However, the number of layers of a multi-layer PCB, the order of stacking between layers, and the choice of board are determined by the circuit board designer, which is the "PCB stacking design".
Factors :
  1. Hardware cost: The number of PCB layers is directly related to the final hardware cost. The more layers, the higher the hardware cost.
  2. Outlet of high-density components: high-density components represented by BGA packaged devices. The number of outgoing layers of such components basically determines the number of wiring layers on the PCB board.
  3. Signal quality control: For PCB design where high-speed signals are concentrated, if the focus is on signal quality, then it is required to reduce adjacent layer wiring to reduce crosstalk between signals. At this time, the number of wiring layers and the number of reference layers (Ground layer or The ratio of Power layer) is preferably 1:1, which will increase the number of PCB design layers; on the contrary, if the signal quality control is not mandatory, you can use the adjacent wiring layer scheme to reduce the number of PCB layers.
  4. Schematic signal definition: Schematic signal definition will determine whether the PCB wiring is "smooth", poor schematic signal definition will cause PCB wiring irregularities and increase the number of wiring layers.
  5. PCB manufacturer's processing capability baseline: PCB designers must give full consideration to the PCB manufacturer's processing capability baseline for the stacking design plan (stacking method, stack thickness, etc.) given by the PCB designer, such as: processing flow, processing equipment capabilities, and commonly used PCBs Plate model and so on.
PCB stacking design needs to seek priority and balance among all the above design influence factors.
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