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Twin Tube Washing Machine Control Board

Item No.: EQ07
This product is used in washing machines and has a variety of washing functions to choose from to meet all your requirements. Provide ODM and OEM service.
Description Review

For washing machine control boards we offer control panels with ultimate design quality and perfect user experience. Its twin tube washing machine control board has the following functions:

- A variety of washing programs: soaking, standard, gentle, quick washing and other program options

- Dehydration control: 5 minutes, 3 minutes, 1 minute selection (customizable)

Washing control: the washing speed can be set to rotate the washing clothes and the rinsing speed to rinse the clothes, etc.

- Dehydration cover opening protection: When the cover is opened during the dehydration process, the switch inside the machine will be powered off and the brake system will stop the washing tub quickly.

- Power indicator function, etc.

Elecontro® specialize in R&D and manufacture of control boards for household appliances, including common household appliances, major appliances and kitchen appliances. Our technicians offer their extensive 20 years experience working together to design with customers, and buyers from Europe, Turkey, Iran, and North and South America appreciate our wide selection of control boards. If you are interested in our product (twin tube washing machine control board), welcome to inquire!


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