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Oven Timer

ET03T Oven Timer

Item No.: ET02T
ET03T oven timer is a 3-touch key oven timer. The LED display includes 4 special icons, which can quickly adjust and fine-tune the time and temperature. And has an alarm setting.

Elecontro® ET03T Oven timer function

♦ Alarm function, after setting the alarm time, the timer will give an alarm after the timer expires.
♦ The time setting range is 0·00---23·59, and it is set cyclically.
♦ Power saving state: The oven has a standby mode. The power consumption in standby mode is extremely low. Under the current time setting, if there is no operation for 6 seconds, it will exit to the standby state and the buzzer will emit a short beep.
♦ The P icon of the ET03T oven timer is divided into semi-automatic and fully automatic.
Semi-automatic: After setting the duration, the automatic icon will light up, and the oven will stop working after the timer expires.
Fully automatic: After setting the end time and duration at the same time, it represents the appointment work. The oven will start to work at the end time-duration point, and stop working after the end time is reached.
Example: The current time is 12:00, and you want to eat food at 13:00 and the food needs to be baked for 30 minutes. Then you only need to set the duration to 00·30 and set the end time to 13·00, and you can eat food when the time reaches 13:00.


Elecontro® ET03T Oven timer

♦ LED display:Function display , users can choose different modes according to their needs, and display the corresponding icons.
♦ Time display is in a 24-hour system(00:00~23:59)
♦ 3 different alarm sounds to choose from
♦ Power supply 230V~/50 or 60 Hz
♦ Temperature range: room temperature 0~108℃
♦ Alarm timer
♦ Timer: temperature to time;Time to cut off the heating current
♦ Standby power consumption: relay release-0,5W / relay operation <1W
♦ Maximum switch power: 16A 250Vac

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