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What are the functions of PCBA circuit board three anti-paint

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Update time : 2021-04-22 14:28:36

As the size of the electronic components on the PCBA circuit board is getting smaller and smaller, the density is getting higher and higher; the height of the support between the devices and the device (the distance between the PCB and the ground clearance) is also getting smaller and smaller, and the influence of environmental factors on PCBA is also increasing, so higher requirements are put forward for the reliability of PCBA of electronic products.

(1) The protective effect of the three-proof paint on the PCBA circuit board

The three-proof paint for PCBA circuit boards can effectively achieve the protection effects of insulation, moisture, leakage, shock, dust, salt spray, etc., thereby improving the reliability of the circuit board, increasing its safety factor, and effectively delaying the service life.

(2) The scope of application of the three anti-paints for PCBA circuit boards
PCBA circuit board tri-proof paint is widely used in high-tech fields, such as high-end circuit boards in automobiles, home appliances, military electronics, aerospace, medical electronics, etc., which can improve the quality of PCBA circuit boards and effectively reduce rework. In addition, the rise of emerging industries, the widespread use of charging piles for electric vehicles, and unmanned aircraft have further expanded the scope of application of the three-proof paint. At present, it has become a major trend to coat three-proof paint on PCBA for protection.


(3) Three-proof paint is used to protect PCBA circuit boards and related equipment from environmental erosion

The coating process of the three-proof paint is a necessary process link in the production, rather than "icing on the cake". Its function is mainly to improve the reliability of the product, especially in the harsh operating environment. The coated conformal paint protects electronic products from external factors such as extreme heat, humidity, moisture and dust. At the same time, it can also protect electronic products from internal factors such as corrosion, whisker growth, and short circuits in the system. In short, the three-proof paint is equivalent to an insulating layer to ensure the normal operation of different components and avoid premature PCB failure.

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