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What are the common types of PCB surface treatment?

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Update time : 2020-05-18 14:10:48
Common PCB surface treatments include hot air solder leveling (HASL), organic solderability preservatives (OSP), electrolytic gold,electroless nickel immersion gold(ENIG), immersion silver and immersion tin.
The order of price from high to low is is electrolytic gold, immersion tin, ENIG, immersion silver, OSP, HASL. Now let’s learn their advantages and disadvantages.
1. HASLAdvantages: good solderability and easy storage.
Disadvantages: Tin surface is poor, non-environmental protection materials.
2. OSPAdvantages: The film can be quickly removed by dilute acid or flux before welding, so that the bare copper surface can still show good solderability in an instant, and can protect the copper surface from being oxidized by external influences.
Disadvantages: unable to withstand high temperature and acid resistance.
3. Electroless nickel immersion gold(ENIG)Advantages: Electroless nickel immersion gold has increasingly become an important way of PCB delivery. Its lower surface contact resistance, flat welding surface, and high solderability are unmatched by HASL and OSP.
Disadvantages: higher potion price, chemical properties that are difficult to manipulate, and higher product scrap rates are factors that have troubled the development of ENIG.
4. Electrolytic goldAdvantages: bright and eye-catching appearance, good welding and conductive linearity, corrosion resistance, uniform color distribution, and long-lasting discoloration.
Disadvantages: expensive cost
5. Immersion silver Advantages: anti-magnetic, anti-interference, increased stability, good heat resistance and heat dissipation, environmental protection and beautiful, can delay the aging time
Disadvantages: The standard conditions for appearance inspection are stricter.
6. Immersion tinAdvantages: It can reduce the IMC growth of tin-copper alloy and the oxidation reactivity of PCB, and improve the stability of temperature storage.
Disadvantages: Welding resistance is weak to its corrosion resistance, and it is easy to produce tin.
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