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TECOO's main push of three household electrical circuit boards
Tecoo expertise in R&D and manufacturing of Home Appliances Controllers like oven controller.Our goal in the field of home appliances is to become a powerful supplier of R & D and manufacturing of home appliance controllers.

TECOO Is One Of R & D Manufacturing Household Appliances Circuit Board Manufacturers And Suppliers In China. With Excellent Customized Service And Safe Technical Service Strength, We Aim To Provide Different Groups Of Users With Higher Quality Household Appliances Circuit Board .

Household appliances circuit board include products like oven circuit board, coffee machine circuit board, air fryer circuit board, washing machine circuit board, air conditioner circuit board, refrigerator circuit board, etc. These products are manufactured by popular manufacturers like.

Main products:
1.Oven circuit board:Oven circuit board can be divided into embedded electric oven circuit board, mini oven circuit board, LCD display, blue backlight, 24 hours can be set at any time.

2.Coffee machine circuit board: Customized coffee machine circuit board professional R & D LED display, 24 hours time display, high time accuracy, can be 24 hours accurate appointment, and the temperature sensor NTC protection, prevent power loss, short circuit, overheating and failure.

3.Air fryer circuit board: Air fryer circuit board has 360° no dead Angle cycle heating and the temperature can be adjusted at any time, and can automatically power off, fault alarm and other functions.


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