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Wenzhou TEOOO New AM11 Air Fryer Control Panel Is About To Be Successfully Developed

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Update time : 2021-01-30 17:47:43

Air fryer control panel function

  • Hidden display, High-end

  • Full touching control, Stable and reliable

  • Wide range input voltage

  • Aging test with full load

  • Low output ripple

  • Precise temperature control
    Electric Parameter

Input Feature

Input voltage range

AC 85~265V







Output Feature

Output voltage



Output Current



Output voltage accuracy




≤40m Vp-p


Standby Power


Protection Feature

Overpower Protection

150-170% rated power, power will be restored after fault is removed


Output short circuit protection

DC output in short circuit, eliminating short circuit and power will recover

Enviromental Parameter

Working Temperature


Safe and EMC standard

Safe standard

MEET- GB4943


Withstand voltage

CE  1500V/5Ma/3sec


Insulation resistance

I/P-O/P 500VDC/100MΩ hms



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