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Washing machine & Refrigerator controller

Story between Tecoo and A company-a leading government owned home appliance company, has advanced, Three-dimensional and supermatic production line. They share huge market share of white home appliance in Europe, have high requirement of product’s quality and reliability, products need to pass various European and industry certificates.


With Tecoo's R&D experience in home appliance industry, we are familiar with various testing requirements, as well as professional testing equipment. With close cooperation with customer’s Product Department and R&D Department, we pay attention to the development trend of the home appliance industry market and provide customers more updated and complete solution in a timely manner to ensure customer’s product enter the market earlier than competitors and win more market share.


Tecoo maintains strategic business relationship with famed home appliance components suppliers, making sure product’s high quality and reliability.


Tecoo is fully equipped with advanced,fully automatic equipment, including SMT, AI, Wave soldering machine, ICT, FCT, and with a full range of reliability testing device. From the beginning of this project, we design a full automatic production line according to product’s features, to guarantee product’s good consistency, more reliable quality and production cost.      

Manufacture and Quality

Based on ISO9001, we also applied the 6-Sigma way to manage this project. All departments used matrix interactive working method during each process to ensure all aspects of the project was effectively controlled, and kept continuous improvement through the performance measurement, to achieve higher and higher customer satisfaction.

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